Facial Harmonization

Facial harmony is the exact point of the proportion capable of producing a greater attraction in the viewer. It is a concept of modern aesthetic medicine, where a global treatment of different areas of the face is projected individually. It consists of “the search for the perfection of angles and curves with a three-dimensional vision trying to balance the face.

The loss of harmony in the features occurs due to deeper skin aging that affects ligaments, fatty packs, loss of muscles, loss of bone from the facial mass causing flaccidity and the sagging of the tissues due to gravity.

The replacement of lost facial volumes is achieved harmoniously by correcting asymmetries and imperfections. Various types of fillers can be used or even complemented with other techniques and technologies.

The overall improvement of the facial oval is sought, with special emphasis on the middle and lower third of the face for situations of flaccidity, deflation of tissues and their sagging due to the passage of time.

How it is performed?

With an analysis, a protocol of combined treatments is proposed depending on the individual needs of each patient, trying to restore the lost volume of the aging face.
The restructuring of the affected facial third or an entire aged muscular, skeletal and dermal group is projected according to the particular case for its subsequent remodeling. We can perform volume recovery, improve skin quality, correct flaccidity problems and even improve dynamic areas or dark circles and temporary areas.

Facial Harmonization

Who is a candidate?

There is no specific age or sex to undergo facial harmonization treatment, since perfection is sought in terms of the volume of the face, but the age group that requests it the most is 30 years and older.

What is the duration of the facial harmonization treatment?

These treatments usually last between 12 and 24 months, although this varies depending on each patient and the care they do after the treatment.

Is anesthesia required?

To get rid of your expression lines and wrinkles with this substance you do not need the use of general anesthesia. This is because it is a virtually painless treatment that offers exceptional results.

What are the possible side effects?

There may be slight pain. A slight skin edema may occur.

Does it present any risk?

It is a minimally invasive treatment so it does not present any risk to patients.

Recovery time

The recovery time depends a lot on the method you want to perform or that best meets your goals, in the case of facial lipostructuring, recovery ranges from 7-10 days, a period in which the inflammatory process decreases to -60% and the patient can return to your daily activities taking some precautions such as avoiding sunbathing.

How long till you see the results?

The results are immediate in terms of volumizing the face. The cares are the general ones for any dermatological treatment such as, do not massage the area, do not expose yourself to the sun, avoid exercise, all that for only 3 days.

Special care after treatment

The main thing is not to lie down for 6 hours, not to massage the injected area, not to exercise for 24 hours

Real Results Facial Harmonization

Facial harmonization with hyaluronic acid

They are non-surgical procedures that are performed with the combination of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers (biodegradable dermal fillers) in key areas selected according to the need to improve the symmetry of the face, such as: lips, chin, jaw, cheekbones or temples. Hyaluronic acid is a fundamental structural component of the skin and is involved in the processes of collagen and elastin synthesis. It has functions of retaining water, providing hydration and volume to the skin. As it is a biocompatible and resorbable chemical, it is responsible for the fact that the water on the face does not evaporate so quickly.

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