All you need to know about lobuloplasty

Lobuloplasty is a simple surgery that belongs to the family of cosmetic surgery that corrects slanted ears or lobe detachment due to lengthening of the classic ear piercing. This surgery allows the patient to recover the natural appearance of the ears that for various reasons have been lengthened.

Surgery for torn lobes or lobuloplasty consists of reconstructing the anterior and posterior face of the lobe through a simple intervention. The technique is adapted to each patient.

In the case of the lobe, a vertical incision is made to remove the inner skin and unite both the fat and the skin in planes. In piercings it is important to make the first incision following the folds of the skin.

When lobuloplasty is performed to reduce the lobe, the incision is concealed in the posterior area of the ear.

This intervention is performed on an outpatient basis and with local anesthesia.


This surgery does not require hospitalization and its recovery is very fast, in a maximum of 5 days the patient will be able to reactivate his work and social life. The use of general anesthesia is not necessary, it is performed with local and in just over 1 hour the procedure has been completed.

The scar is practically invisible and is hidden by the folds of the ear itself. Once the intervention is finished, the wound is closed with American stitches (adhesive paper strips) that the ModelClinics Surgeon will remove in the following days after the opportune scheduled revision.

Treatment Information

60-90 minutes

Type of anesthesia


Recommended time of year

All year


3-5 days



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