Tratamiento acné mujer

Acne Treatment

Acne problems are usually related to a genetic hormonal problem that causes hyper production of grease at the skin level on the face, chest or back.

Treatment for acne focuses on reducing inflammation of the lesions left behind and avoiding marks or scars on the patient. Acne is a skin disease that must be treated by a dermatologist.


How is the treament performed?

A cleansing and exfoliation process is performed to remove all impurities from the skin.

Is anesthesia required?

It is a painless treatment so no anesthesia is required.

What are the possible side effects?

Minimal side effects are seen with treatments if done correctly.

Does it present any risk?

It does not present health risks.

Recovery time

Recovery time is minimal.

Who is a candidate?

People of all ages who suffer from acne.

How long until you see the results?

The results of this treatment are immediately palpable.

Special care after treatment.

Maintain a healthy diet and good hygiene.

Caso real tratamiento acné
treatment for acne

Aesthetic treatment for acne

Facial cleansing and chemical exfoliation, these two procedures are necessary to accelerate the recovery of the affected skin, since they help us to drain infected skin abscesses, uncover comedones and improve the appearance of the skin, it is necessary to repeat every 15 days for better results.

Initial treatments are aimed at controlling the normal function of the skin, recovering its hydrolipidic layer, reducing inflammation and controlling the normal cutaneous bacterial flora of the skin.

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