The most modern and effective treatment against skin aging

  • Rejuvenate your skin with the most modern non-invasive treatment.
  • Enjoy its effects from the first moment.
  • Maximum effectiveness and painless.

Now in La Paz, BCS, your aesthetic medicine clinic: Beauty Medical Center, offers radiofrequency therapy with micro needles. The treatment is based on the discoveries of years of research in which it was observed that the recovery is much faster in millimeter fractions of the skin, thus allowing its rejuvenation

What is radiofrequency treatment with micro needles?

It is the localized and painless application of radio frequencies, using a manual device. Depending on the equipment, they can be up to 25 micro needles of 300 microns per section (a micron is one thousandth of a millimeter). For your comfort, safety and well-being, the intensity of the application can be regulated by the specialist. You will only notice a tingling and a slight increase in temperature in the area in question, which will be nothing more than a sign that the radio waves are doing their job. You should not worry, as there are no effects on the surrounding areas: the effect is precise and localized.

This procedure is performed on the lips and in the nasolabial folds, in eyebrow and eyelid lifts, as well as in the tightening of the skin, acne marks or chicken pox. It is also used to treat sagging in various areas of the body, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and skin blemishes, in addition to reducing stretch marks and fighting cellulite.

Revisión para radiofrecuencia
Radiofrecuencia facial

How does radio frequency with micro needles work?

We are talking about a therapy with the ability to restore the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers (they are responsible for keeping the tissue firm) from the inside out. When using the needles, microscopic lesions are produced that lead to cell regeneration.

The device delivers fractional bipolar radiofrequency energy onto the skin to be treated. This energy causes microscopic lesions in the epidermis, thus initiating a strong healing response. The less involved tissue that surrounds the treated skin parts, activates this process and helps recovery and healing. The consequence is firmer, rejuvenated looking skin without side effects and without surgery.

  • Micro-needle radiofrequency radiates energy the full length of each needle for deep skin stimulation
  • As each micro needle penetrates the skin, it emits energy and heat in the area in question
  • Deep stimulation makes tissues firm
  • Thus, the stimulation of collagen is increased
  • The surface is significantly improved by reducing the pore size
  • Reduces redness of the face and melasma (spots that appear due to increased melanin in the dermis or epidermis)

What are the benefits of using radiofrequency rejuvenation therapy?

  • Although this technique was designed for the management of acne scars, today radiofrequency with micro needles is ideal for non-surgical skin tightening
  • You achieve results in few sessions (from 3 to 5)
  • Very fine needles are used in radiofrequency, which makes their application more comfortable for the patient
  • Only topical anesthesia is required to avoid discomfort
  • • Inflation redness that occurs on the face lasts between 20 and 25 minutes
  • In the rest of the body it can last longer depending on the area to be treated
  • The depth is preset by the doctor according to the area and condition treated. Thus, higher concentrations of the Radiofrequency effect per square centimeter are obtained

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