Experience the renewal of your skin with Hydrobeauty, the secret to radiant complexion.

hidrodermoabrasión facial


Natural beauty

Discover the benefits of Hydrobeauty: A treatment similar to hydrodermabrasion’s hydrafacial. Transform the appearance of your skin today! With visible and long-lasting results, this treatment is the key to radiant and healthy skin. This revolutionary hydrodermabrasion device offers a comprehensive approach to skin renewal and cellular nourishment, all in less than an hour.

Before the procedure, a gentle lymphatic drainage massage is performed to prepare the skin, followed by the application of heads specifically designed to target challenging areas such as nasolabial folds, removing accumulated impurities and lymphatic fluids


During the treatment, Hydrobeauty combines exfoliation, hydration, and the application of serums containing anti-aging peptides and antioxidants. Through gentle suction, impurities are removed and necessary nutrients are infused to revitalize the skin, all while keeping the skin moist for gentle and effective exfoliation.

After the hydrodermabrasion treatment, patients may choose to complement it with a low-intensity diode laser treatment, which helps soothe the skin and stimulate cellular renewal, or eliminate acne-causing bacteria with blue light.

Tratamiento Hydrafacial

The Hydrobeauty is performed in three key steps:

  1. Deep Cleansing: Impurities accumulated on the skin due to factors such as pollution and makeup are removed, preparing the skin for the following steps
  2. Exfoliation and Toxin Removal: Dead cells and toxins that can clog pores and cause dullness in the skin are removed, thus promoting cellular renewal and hydration.
  3. Extraction and Nourishment: Impurities are extracted while essential nutrients, antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid are delivered to revitalize the skin, leaving it looking younger and healthier.
proceso Hydrafacial

In summary, Hydrobeauty offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking radiant and nourished skin without the inconveniences associated with other more invasive treatments. With visible results in less than an hour, this cutting-edge technology is transforming the way we care for our skin.